Constitutional Facial Acupuncture

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Mary Elizabeth Wakefield is internationally recognized for her work and teaching on Constitutional Facial Acupuncture. She has developed a unique technique, the fruit of her research and clinical experience.
The constitutionally-based treatment protocol recognizes the face as the most emotive part of the body. It uses gentle origin/insertion techniques to address muscle imbalances relating to emotional expression, as well as lines, wrinkles and sagging tendencies.
Three treatment levels — Jing, Ying and Wei — support the facial protocols. Also included are Shen treatments, as well as a complete topical Chinese herbal protocol.

  • How to treat 12 problematic areas of the facial landscape with gentle and effective acupuncture needling, involving origin/insertion muscle techniques;
  • Three levels of constitutional treatment:
    Jing: 8 Extraordinary meridians; TCM patterns, syndromes, specific emotions and types of facial imbalances;
    Ying: 12 Regular meridians and 5 phases; their syndromes, addressed through Japanese, Vietnamese, TCM, and Ms. Wakefield’s own, acupuncture treatments;
    Wei: Tendinomuscular meridians, trigger, motor and « ashi » points, for « Coat Hanger » and « Wandering Skirt » syndromes, etc.
  • Three Shen scalp points
  • Practical specifics: benefits, contraindications, general rules, treatment timelines, short and long-term effects, etc.
  • A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment



Ms. Wakefield will provide a demonstration of the entire treatment protocol for the participants, who will practice these techniques.
The new facial protocols utilize acupuncture needling of the origin and insertion of the
facial muscles to more effectively lift and tone the face; these protocols are to be distinguished from Ms. Wakefield’s « core » facial treatment protocols, which utilize the tonification/sedation techniques of French acupuncturist Jacques Lavier, and facial motor points.
Participants will also learn the location and TCM indications for the 3 Shen scalp points.
A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment will be introduced to support and enhance the results of the needling protocols.


Ms. Wakefield will provide a demonstration of the entire treatment protocol for the participants, who will have ample time to practice the techniques.

Educational material will be provide in PDF format in English.

The seminar is given in English.